We provide Valuation Reports for a variety of purposes, including;

Mortgage Valuations

When you are purchasing a property and require a Mortgage, you will need a Valuation Report to be carried out on the property, specific to the Lending Institution from whom you are borrowing. We are listed on all the major lending institutions Valuation Panels.

Probate Valuations

In order to Administer an Estate which contains real estate, you need to provide a Probate Valuation. We can provide specific valuations on a property or holding, which may form part of an Estate.

Transfer of Property Valuations

Whether you are transferring to a spouse, son, daughter or other relative, you will be required to know the value of the asset you are transferring, and we can provide specific valuations for this purpose.

Family Law Valuations and Court Appearances

We understand that Family Law can be stressful and trying. We will provide a valuation for your property, along with a commitment to attend Court on your behalf, if the need arises. We understand the process can be drawn out and we will be there to provide updated valuations as the need arises.

Farm Valuations

The family farm is at the heart of rural Ireland, and we appreciate that the farm holding and family home are often seen as a whole. We appreciate both the connection and distinction and can provide detailed, broken down, Valuations.

Fair Deal Scheme/Nursing Home Support Scheme

In the event of a loved one needing to avail of this Scheme, as part of the Application process, a Valuation will be required, and we can provide this Valuation.